The invisible enemy should not exist – Promotional Boxes

21 Aug 2018, Posted by Georgia Brunsdon in CyberFAQ
Fourth Plinth Date Can Box


Cyberpac are delighted to have worked with the Fourth Plinth on a stunning promotional box to help promote the current iconic artwork being displayed on the fourth plinth in London’s Trafalgar Square.


The sculpture was created by Iraqi-American artist Michael Rakowits, of an Assyrian Lamassu; a winged bull and protective deity which guarded the entrance of the Nergal Gate in Nineveh from circa 700 BC. It was among the many historically important artefacts later destroyed at various archaeological sites in Iraq by the failed state created by Daesh in 2015.



Rakowits began the project “The Invisible Enemy should not Exist” back in 2006. Attempting to recreate and rebuild 7,000+ objects that were lost to history and culture forever. The Lamassu sculpture, like the other items in the project, are made of tens of thousands of Iraqi Date Syrup cans – representing the ancient and historical industry which has been ruined by the war.



For the project, Cyberpac produced a set of embossed 2-tone paper over board, lidded custom-made boxes. Each box has an embossed black, foil-blocked lettering – in both British language and Arabic script on the lid and base featuring the promotional quote of the campaign “A house with a date palm will never starve” in both languages.

The box contains an authentic Iraqi date syrup can and an artist’s cookbook which can be purchased from the link below…