Stone Paper


Make a real impact with our unique Stone Paper

If you want to make a lasting impression, our revolutionary and exclusive stone paper has a magnetic intrigue and timeless appeal. A creative packaging solution for luxury and unique products.

Crafted from actual stone formed over aeons, genuine slate or quartz-rich sandstone, the stone is sheered into a super-thin layer in the quarry to give a unique ‘slice’ of stone actually hewn from the face of the rock. As a result, each sheet has its own individual markings and naturally-occurring colour changes as the original from which it is cut.

The product itself is extremely flexible and pliant due to the exceptionally thin nature of the stone layer. Combined with a card backing material to your colour and specification, we have developed methods of creasing, die cutting and trimming whilst preserving the true integrity of the stone, then foil blocking and silk screen printing to stunning effect – making it suitable for a wide range of packaging, invitation and display uses.

Cyberpac Stone Paper is available in selection of 6 stunning grades from a relatively smooth grey or beige sandstone to a shiny, rough quartzite finish.

It’s all part of the constant innovation in materials and formats that makes Cyberpac unique in the packaging world.

Stone paper is available to see at Packaging Innovations, at London Olympia on 16th/17th September.

Call us on 01473 836225 for samples and additional information on this amazing new material.