Samsung VIP

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5mm blue translucent acrylic
High density routed and laser etched foam


The Brief:

To promote the release of their new phones and tablets, Samsung launched the Samsung VIP programme – a series of gifts to high profile trend setters and VIPs.

The Solution:

Cyberpac created these stunning presentation cases to hold a phone, a tablet and all the associated accessories, adding drama and impact to the presentation. Manufactured from 5mm translucent blue acrylic with laser cut white letters mounted to the lid, this presentation box is both robust and stylish. The lid itself is located with magnetic closures and a rebated edge to ensure a tight fit and a satisfying magnetic “click” close. The case is lined with black high density foam which has been routed to multiple depths to allow all of the accessories for each item to be hidden underneath. The finishing touch is added by laser etching the product name into the foam surface to create a stunning and technically proficient presentation box.

The Result:

Looking sleek and finessed these boxes perfectly matched Samsung’s brand, right down the the acrylic which perfectly matched their corporate colours. The technical and precise foam speaks to Samsung’s reputation for innovation, and the attention to detail throughout demonstrates the care that’s been taken for their VIP clients.

“One word will do, GREAT. You guys are awesome to deal with, professional, accommodating and it’s a pleasure!” Hayley


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