Medical sample packaging

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Lenticular 3D Polypropylene
High density blue foam


The Brief:

Cyberpac was approached by a leading medical testing company and tasked with producing presentation and transport packaging for sensitive vials of biological samples. The medical packaging needed to offer premium protection from impact as well as extremes of temperature during transport, but still be stylish enough to make the company’s product stand out in a crowded marketplace.

The Solution:

Using high density foam we created a “foam box” with a rebated lid that would hold securely in place even when the box was upside down. Small cavities were drilled into the base of the box to allow the medical vials to be pushed into the foam and held securely for extended periods of time. An added advantage is that the foam has excellent insulation properties allowing lab technicians more time to handle the samples once out of the fridge or freezer, as well as preventing them getting too cold or hot during transport.

The Result:

To brand the product we laser etched a logo onto the lid of the foam box (thus keeping the box itself as a standard item that can be mass produced), and then added a polypropylene sleeve which was digitally printed to allow multiple versions to be created for different product sets. The lenticular polypropylene used for the sleeve to further distinguish it from the competition and added a little fun into an otherwise sober industry. Due to an extant confidentiality agreement we were not able to show it with the original branding and so have added our own Cyberpac branding. Refined, original and striking, the boxes perfectly matched the brief both technically and aesthetically.


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