Jam Gou Dou Boxes

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The Brief:

Having started as a local company producing gourmet doughnuts, Jam Gourmet Doughnuts were looking to reach out nationally through internet sales, but could not find any suitable packaging. There were two key issues that conventional cake packaging designs didn’t properly address; the doughnuts need to be secured so that they don’t move around or turn upside down in transit, and the top of them cannot come into contact with the packaging as they have glaze on the top and need to arrive in perfect condition. An additional element was that Jam Gou Dou wanted packaging that was instantly recognisable and unusual enough to attract attention and curiosity.

The Solution:

Our team then developed this innovative and original design that was both visually striking and functionally adapted to the product. Triangular “tubes” ensure that the doughnuts are held firmly in place and allow transport without contact to the top surface of the product. An outer triangular carry case to house 3 “tubes” was developed, which was flexo-printed one colour using tints to give the impression of a multicolour print. The triangular design also ensured that the product was always transported the correct way up as well as being eye-catching and unique.

The Result:

This unique packaging has allowed Jam Gourmet Doughnuts to completely transform their business to an internet driven model, with sales growth measured in multiples rather than just percentages. This success has prompted Jam Gou Dou to work with Cyberpac to protect the unique IP of the packaging design itself, and ensure that this iconic and practical design remains exclusive to them.


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