Fortune Mods

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Fortune Mods


High Density Foam, Brushed Steel Business Card, Metal Tin.


The Brief:

To create a complete packaging solution for an e-cigarette “mods” manufacturer, with a limited edition card of authenticity to prevent counterfeiting.

The Solution:

Cyberpac started the design process by looking at a Paper over board box with a foam fitting, then, working with the client to match their budget, functionality and style requirements, we stripped away the packaging to the raw essentials and created this foam box. With a printed, etched and sequentially numbered metal card to confirm the authenticity of the product, and a branded tin to hold the smallest items, the e-cigarette “mod” is both well protected and beautifully presented.

The Result:

With a simple laser etched logo to the lid, the branding has been kept to a minimum, leaving the crisp, technical material to speak for itself. The tin and card match the brushed metal finish of the e-cigarette itself, and present beautifully in the foam box.


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