Loot Financial Services

Billed as a game-changing ‘digital current account for students and millennials’, our client, Loot Financial (Loot.io) needed bespoke packaging for the new #fintech card, which needed to be as innovative and eye-catching as possible, and the packaging to rival the coveted translucent card inside.

While Loot were still a startup, Cyberpac were tasked to designing and creating innovative and unique packaging for their banking card. The card holder need to be eye-catching and notable while still being functional and practical.

Pop-up Card holders

Designed exclusively by Cyberpac and, as time was short, sampled and approved inside two weeks – this rigid ‘pop-up’ card wallet has a full colour litho printed cover and a board insert which pushes up the card up as the wallets opened. The flip action was the perfect direct mail and presentation wallet for Loot, to engage with new customers.

Flipping fantastic folders!

What we love!

We are very proud of the design and finish of the credit cards flip folders we made for Loot, making sure that even though approval and design had a fast turn around time the packaging was still to the same highest standard that the Cyberpac team pride themselves with.

After the launch of the Loot bank cards, we received countless positive reviews from customers on social media…

“Look at this beautiful packaging from @LootApp”

“What a cool way of sending a bank card” @LootApp has certainly upped the #fintech packaging game… #thisisloot and many more under the hash-tag #ThisIsLoot.

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