Rapha Cycling Club

London based company Rapha was founded off the back of Rapha’s Cycling clothing company started in 2004. Rapha’s products have gained a cult following and global recognition due to their emphasis on comfort and performance. Worn by cyclists ranging in ability from absolute beginners through to WorldTour professionals.

Rapha’s design team contacted Cyberpac with a project, to produce luxury membership packs. The packs needed to hold various items including a Rapha membership card (produced by Cyberpac), fabric badge, hat and other items.

Membership Packs

The Design

The Cyberpac team decided to make the membership packs out of black corrugated e-flute, making all three layers of card black so the cut edge would match the dark colour pallet to the rest of the design. Inside, the box had an inner flap and insert, splitting the box into two compartments. Both were made out of Luxury soft-touch Fedrigoni Ispira paper which was then finished with a foil-blocked “Rapha” logo in gloss black on top of the inner flap. Outside of the corrugated box was purposely left un-printed and un-branded by design for safe delivery to customers, plus adding intrigue on arrival.

Other Projects…

This is one of many projects we have worked on with Rapha. We also designed Metal Membership cards featuring personalised membership numbers unique to every customer, and vac-packed beer mats, made of thick durable card, screen printed in two colours with their logo foil blocked in gloss black. We even produced all of the finishing touches in-house, including transparent logo stickers and bright pink sealing labels for all of the card folders.

A range of different materials

What We Love!

We have now been working with Rapha for a number of years producing various forms of membership packs, product packaging and metal membership cards with the help of our sister company Metalcardco.

We love the variety of media’s and materials we have been able to work with; such as the Black Corrugated Card and Luxury Soft-touch papers, along with techniques like screen-printing, foil blocking, metal engraving and Vac-packaging, just to name a few! All of these subtle enhancements adding to the overall look and feel of each item Cyberpac produce for Rapha.

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