Plinth + Michael Rakowitz

Plinth + Michael Rakowitz

The Design Brief

Cyberpac are delighted to have worked with the Fourth Plinth on a stunning promotional box, helping to promote the current iconic artwork displayed on the Fourth Plinth in London’s Trafalgar Square.

The sculpture was created by Iraqi-American artist Michael Rakowits, as part of his art project “The Invisible Enemy should not Exist”. His project attempted to recreate and rebuild 7,000+ historic objects that were destroyed at various archaeological sites in Iraq by Isis. The Lamassu sculpture, like the other items in the project, was made of tens of thousands of Iraqi Date Syrup cans – representing the ancient and historical industry which has been ruined by the war.

Bespoke Promotional Boxes

Our Method

For this project, the Cyberpac team were approached by Plinth to create packaging for a gift item promoting the latest installation in London. The box contained an authentic Iraqi date syrup can and an artist’s cookbook. Like the sculpture the packaging needed to be bright and colourful and safely house the date can inside.

The team produced a bespoke two piece box that perfectly housed the date can and cookbook inside. Packaging was made of 2-tones of textured red and rich maroon coloured paper over board. Each box was then embossed with gloss black foil-blocked lettering – in both English and Arabic script on the lid and base. The design featured the promotional quote of the campaign: “A house with a date palm will never starve”. 

Vibrant and Bold

What We Love!

This project had a fast turnaround time which could have posed a challenge when sourcing materials and getting the boxes finished and delivered to the customer on time. However, our packaging partners sourced and created these boxes ahead of schedule, making sure the quality and finish of each boxes was to a high standard.

We loved the end result of these boxes and believe the vibrant two tones of red contrast beautifully against each other. The black foil blocking quote on the top of the box finishes the minimal yet impactful box design perfectly.

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