Metal Card Company + Loch Ness Spirits

Loch Ness Spirits

Loch Ness Spirits are a Scottish artisan distillery based in Inverness. Their luxury gin is inspired by the loch and land around it.

Loch Ness Spirits contacted our sister company Metal Card Company looking for luxury VIP cards to give to their clients. The metal cards had to be on brand and have the same luxurious effect and style as the gin itself.

Luxury Metal Cards for a Luxury Distillery

‘Loch Ness spirits needed luxury membership cards that were as unique and as crafted as their small batch-produced spirit itself. We worked closely with them to match the all-important metallic copper ink used across their other marketing platforms.

The luxurious anodised matt black card features a metallic copper ink infilled into the etched black card to the front, with laser engraved member numbers and mini ‘Nessie’ icons in gloss black on the reverse.

The How

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