Harvey Nichols - Menswear Clothing Opening

Department Store Presentation Boxes

Cyberpac were tasked to create a press presentation pack to celebrate the opening of the menswear department at Harvey Nichols’ Knightsbridge-based flagship store.

The concept for the press piece was inspired by the campaigns strap line “Great men deserve great style”. The design focused on great men in through History; Charles Darwin, William Shakespeare and Albert Einstein were among the great men given a tongue-in-cheek style makeover.

Bespoke Launch Presentation Boxes

The Design

The unique press piece comprised of lidded black un-coated boxes, foil blocked in silver on the top with the Harvey Nichols logo. We then produced three different designs of full paper sleeves over the boxes. Printed on a colour digital press, each artwork featured male historical characters, William Shakespeare, Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein. To complete the look, each box wrap was then foil blocked both sides in silver with the name of the notable man. The inside of the sleeve was then printed with a graphic of a huge blow-up of the digital printing dots that make up the CMYK printing process.

Cyberpac produced 300 bespoke press boxes for Harvey Nichols Menswear (100 of each design). Each box contained clothing magnets in shapes of different items to make the packaging more interactive. Therefore “dressing” the notable gents in fashionable clothing that could be purchased in the swanky new Knightsbridge department store.

Dressed to impress

What we Love!

We loved the end result on these bespoke boxes and sleeves . The finishing touch of silver foil blocking on the boxes themselves and the sides of the sleeve gave these items a real premium feel.

The vibrant pop of colour hidden on the underside of the sleeves adds to the unboxing experience as its only revealed once the sleeve has been removed from the box. Genius – even Einstein might have agreed.

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