Inside Out Packaging - from Cyberpac

Cyberboxes: Create an unboxing experience with a Wow!

With the huge rise in online gift purchasing, we are frequently asked for suitable mailing cartons. With ever more expensive and precious products being shipped by courier, we understand the need to stay ahead of the competition, and give your customers a unique unboxing experience too.

Our endlessly adaptable Cyberboxes ensure that your goods arrive safely at their destination while delivering the brand experience that you need.

Mailing boxes - inside out and outside in!

Cyberboxes combine the very highest quality full colour litho print with the robustness and functionality of a mailable E-Flute corrugated board. You may need a plain inconspicuous outer in damage-resistant plain Kraft with a full colour inside that really pops for your customer on opening.

Alternatively, you may prefer full colour graphics or photography both inside and outside the box, with printed fitments and compartments within.

How we do it

We can make Cyberboxes to any size you require (limited only by the print sheet maximum 1000 x 700mm), including designs incorporate lock-in tabs, rip strips and resealable strips for customer returns. Print can also include foil blocking and/or spot UV varnish for that extra lift and to further enhance your brand.

All are delivered flat-packed to you (so that they take up less space) and are easily assembled as you need to use them.

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