Let’s talk branding on packaging…whether it’s small and subtle or bright and bold, Cyberpac will help you get your brand noticed!

Shopping ‘at Home’ perfected

It’s not been easy, adjusting to the ‘new normal’ shopping experience after COVID-19 sent the world into lockdown, with retail, leisure & hospitality businesses sent into footfall disarray it’s scary and fascinating to see how the world has had to change and accommodate.

One thing many of us seemed to do a lot more of while in lockdown, was online shop! When asked what their shopping preferences will be when life returns to “normal,” 39% of respondents from a major UK retail survey – said they will conduct a mix of online and in-store shopping. 28% will shop mostly online, while 24% said they would look forward to shopping in a store again.

Newfound online confidence saw 41% shopping online more frequently

Unsurprisingly there was a surge of online shopping while stores had to temporarily shut down and slowly re-open with strict and clunky social distance rules placed and lifted, it’s perhaps added to the value and ease of click to ship operations who get it right.

Like many people, the Cyberpac staff have at times overindulged in the odd lunchtime online shopping spree, and while trying to elbow yet another blank cardboard box into our recycling bin, it’s very noticeable that so few of the packaging boxes have any branding whatsoever.

Why is branding so important?

Brand awareness can be difficult to start, and a strong brand does stand out from the crowd if executed properly. Branding makes your product easily identifiable by your customers and the public and well-branded businesses get this product engagement and excitement factor begins with the unboxing experience.

Don’t think of package design as just a way to deliver your product. To really spread a message through your product, you should think of it as a living entity. And like any marketing or branding exercise, you’re creating a persona—but for your packaging product. It’s about brand personality and to be sending unbranded products when online shopping experience is all consumers can interact with presently, is like a wet handshake.

By thinking of your product as a person, it’ll be easier to design packaging that reflects the brand personality and resonates with your target audience. Potential buyers will notice that authenticity and gravitate toward the product before they even engage with the contents. They’ll know that it’s been designed for them and that can only work for you.

Delivering exceptional customer experience!

Make your customer journey at the point of delivery, a memorable one with an exciting, beautiful package good enough for them to want to share on Instagram!

Having attractive packaging keeps that excitement of the purchase pathway longer and adds to the customer experience. It also demonstrates product slickness and professionalism, shows that your company takes pride in what they are producing, right down to the branded tissue paper inside and printed packing tape holding the box together.

Thoughtful presentation of your product can be one of the most important steps in the customer purchase process. If it’s done right, it could very well be the decider to whether your customer will be a repeat or a single purchaser. When design and packaging work together brands are elevated from a commodity to an expression of a consumers lifestyle.

Inside out packaging?

We completely get that s
ome brands pride themselves in more discreet packaging, but that shouldn’t mean you can’t spice up the interior of a box. We’ve created some fantastic creations and innovative designs for ‘inside out’ box interiors in some incredibly bright and bold colours. If it’s a subscription-style box you’re looking for, you could do as Graze do, and personalise each month’s products with a new design depending on the products you send out.

Printing inside the box, or inside-only print takes place when you choose to skip printing on the exterior of your box and only have print branding displayed on the inside. Whatever you need in your packaging there are so many ways we can help to make your brand shine!