Packaging is everything these days; the world now prefers to purchase online and it’s often the first point of customer brand contact. Your organisation or identity needs to have a packaging conscious. As consumers focus far more on their own packaging footprint – intelligent, thoughtful packaging can enhance your brands persona and be a key loyalty driver. We explore a few simple ways to Improve product packaging for your products or online store.

To grow your business through repeat customers and their referrals, you should extend the process through the entire product experience, starting at the moment a customer opens your package. At a minimum, shoppers expect to receive the right order, on time, in perfect condition, but meeting the minimum expectations won’t help you be remembered, it’s all about detail.


Cyberpac custom packaging

Branded Despatch Box or Mailing Bag

Obviously, when a package arrives in the mail, we all feel connected with our inner child, customers not only look forward to having their shipment arrive, it releases dopamine in the brain opening their package, and revealing their purchase, it’s an event. It might only be a recipe book stand or some new underpants, or perhaps a new dress for the weekend. Customers need to know the package is from your brand or company, so tie your brand into their excitement by putting your name right on the outside of the box. From basic Pantone printed Mailing Bags to bespoke or plain Subscription Boxes  – why would you use plain?  Cyberpac offers affordable, customised mailers and shipping boxes, you can specify the design with your name and logo, and pricing usually depends on how many you order. Instead of using clear packing tape, use branded tape in your brand’s colour, or customised with your logo or company name. Simple eh?

Form & Function

Functional packaging is essential to manage cost control and enhance the customer experience. Every piece of packing material should have a purpose, if you’re still using thick tamper-proof blister packaging, you ought to stop. A report last year into packaging found that 99% of 2,000 respondents said packaging had become harder to open over the last 10 years, according to a UK study, over 60,000 people receive hospital treatment each year due to injuries from opening food packaging – WrapRage is a thing – and the customer is nearly always right.

Don’t use a large box with a lot of fillers if you can use a padded mailer instead or use recycled materials. Cyberpac offers a range of low-impact, funky coloured paper Filler Packaging which is completely reusable, recyclable, and fully biodegradable. Environmentally-conscious customers will notice if their package contains wasteful or excessive material.

If you ship breakable or perishable items, you have an obvious functional goal that should be your first concern – protect the product, but keep it branded and the customer will reuse the packaging. we manufacture these lightweight and secure Printed Bubble Envelopes and brands who use them; shipping breakables, cosmetics companies, book publishers, in fact, anyone who cares about their small items being delivered and looking their best, use our branded bubble mailers. Cyberpac can print these in short-run options on matt or gloss finish air bubble bags using either 1 or 2 Pantone colours – or we can produce full-colour bespoke options and sizes, or even add zips to make them a pencil or cosmetic cases.

“A whopping 40% of consumers said they would share an image of a package if they found it interesting accordingly to a packaging survey. Additionally, 52% of consumers say that would make a repeat purchase if they received the product in a premium package”

Packaging Always Matters

By thinking beyond the point of purchase to the unboxing moment your customers receive and open their packages, you can take advantage of extra opportunities to delight and turn them into repeat purchasers or brand ambassadors. eCommerce stores that grow naturally and quickly are the ones that let their customers market on their behalf. Product packaging, if done correctly, can be a wonderful way to encourage the kinds of actions that will multiply your marketing efforts. Go the extra mile with your packaging and your customers will reward you. Cyberpac can help you on that journey whether you’re a start-up business with small needs or a large multi-channel organisation with more complex packaging requirements.