At Cyberpac, we like to keep up to date on the fast-moving and ever topical world of packaging. Over this last month there have been box loads of interesting articles but here’s our top 5 worth a read…

World-renowned design studio, Pentagram revamps Warner Bros’ historic shield emblem.

Design firm Pentagram were tasked with redesigning the distinctive ‘WB’ Warner Bros. Shield. The end result is a new brand strategy emphasising Warner Bros’ longstanding reputation for storytelling and is reflected by its new brand position: ‘We believe in the power of story’.

While the Warner Bros shield dates back to the company’s origins, it has been updated, replaced and resurrected a number of times over the decades. The last iteration, introduced back in 1993, was highly detailed and, as a result, hard to use at a small scale and in digital contexts. Pentagram fixed this… look out for the re-branded packaging revamp coming your way

Design Bridge creates “dark & mysterious” packaging for Fortnum & Mason chocolates

Design agency, Design Bridge has unveiled its latest work with department store Fortnum & Mason, which this time involves a “wild and rebellious” line of chocolate pralines and caramels. Taking influence from the unconventional flavours, Design Bridge was tasked with creating a similarly “forward thinking” packaging design.

The packaging overhaul has added a sumptuous and luxurious feel to an already premium range. On top of the packaging design, Design Bridge was also invited to design the moulds for the range’s caramels using their 3D department’s brainpower in a new areas. The results are truly apetising!

Printing in another dimension

Augmented Reality could reshape the way we interact with our customers. AR has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, having evolved into a common marketing tool adopted by agile marketeers.

Customers have always wanted to try products prior to purchasing them. Fitting rooms, cosmetic samples, automobile test drives and many other related concepts testify to the effectiveness of this sales strategy. Augmented shopping experiences are one of the rising trends in the retail industry.

But could we use AR to better our communication with our customers? With the help of apps like VirtualSign, and the “View in Room “ feature on the Wayfair app, customers can see how a their idea or product will look in real life. In the packaging world this could mean customers can see how their artwork or logo will look on their packaging, making working alongside designers much easier.

Tetra Pak claims food and drink first with traceable plant-based pack

Tetra Pak, together with its supplier Braskem, has become the first company in the food and beverage industry to responsibly source plant-based polymers using the Bonsucro standards for sustainable sugar cane.

Every day, across the world billions of litres of water, milk, juice and other liquid foods are consumed. Tetra Pak have developed a range of packages to protect both the nutritional value and the taste of the products inside. The company ambition is to deliver packages that contribute to a low-carbon circular economy that is packages made entirely from renewable and/or recycled materials that are fully recyclable, without ever compromising on food safety requirements. Cheers to that!

Logo Design Trends 2020: A Blast of Colours & Shapes

Logo design has always been a lively and fast-moving area of graphic design, good style never goes out of fashion but increasingly varied and movement-based digital platforms demand more than just static logo idents

A brand’s logo should last an eternity, but calibrations and brand enhancements are part of the identity kit. Form and function rules the narrative but despite that, designers have to create logos that look increasingly modern and trés chic to keep up the demand for video content. Hers’s ten styles to look out for in 2020…

  1. Animated Cartoon Logos
  2. Animated Black & White Logos
  3. Creative Letter Logos
  4. Simple Geometric Shape Logos – Minimalism
  5. Gradient Logos
  6. Retro Style Logos
  7. Metal / Engraved Logos
  8. Custom Fonts / Logotypes
  9. 3D & Isometric Logos
  10. Semi-transparent Shapes in Logos