Cybercard 3D


Super Emossable CyberCard 3DCyberCard 3D
Cybercard 3D is a revolutionary new packaging product that can be “super embossed” to create stunning 3D effects that are both tactile and visually striking.

With all the versatility and functionality of regular card, it can be made into boxes, carrier bags, belly bands, invitations, book covers, POS, envelopes and much more.

Cybercard’s unique high tech composition gives it a tensile strength many times that of conventional card of a similar weight, making it highly durable and tear resistant. It can be printed and finished using conventional methods such as digital, foil blocking, spot UV and laser cutting and is HP Indigo compliant for digital printing.

The truly unique element of Cybercard is it’s capacity to be “super-embossed” into 3D shapes that “pop” off the page, giving a unique and eye-catching twist to packaging and presentation solutions.

With simple set up and a fast sampling process, Cybercard 3D is ideal for designers and end users looking to stand out from the crowd. In the majority of cases we can work directly from PDF’s of your design, or alternatively create a bespoke design that is uniquely suited to use with Cybercard3D.