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Week 21 – Vac Forming

25 Feb 2014, Posted by Cyberpac in CyberFAQ

Vac forming is a relatively simple process where by a plastic sheet is heated to a forming temperature and is forced against a aluminium mould by a vacuum to form the desired shape. Advantages: As a box insert it is very cost effective for longer…

Week 20 – Labels

19 Feb 2014, Posted by Cyberpac in CyberFAQ

Labels come in all different shapes and sizes and can be printed in a number of different colours/effects. With a quick turn a round time they are a simple and cost effective solution to branding your product. Advantages: Can be Printed 1 Colour through to…

Week 19 – Foam

11 Feb 2014, Posted by Cyberpac in CyberFAQ

Foam is a protective padding material available in many different colours and formats. Advantages: Foam comes in a wide range of colours and densities Can be die cut, routed and laser cut Can be cut to hold products safely by using the softness of the…

Week 18 – Vac Packing

05 Feb 2014, Posted by Cyberpac in CyberFAQ

Vac Packing is a method of packaging that removes the air from around the item before sealing it. It is used for food preservation, to reduce volume as an alternative and an eye-catching way to present a product Advantages: Creates a visually striking effect Vac…

Week 17 – Metal Tins

29 Jan 2014, Posted by Cyberpac in CyberFAQ

Metal tins come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are often used for CD/DVD packaging promotional or marketing purposes. Tins come in a standard silver finish, but can be personalised in a number of ways, and supplied with inserts or trays where appropriate….

Week 16 – What is Acrylic?

21 Jan 2014, Posted by Cyberpac in CyberFAQ

Acrylic comes in a number of different colours, shapes and sizes from highly transparent through to translucent and frosted shades to solid colours. Advantages: Can be laser cut to shape Can also be screen printed, digitally printed, laser etched, heat formed and glued Also available…

Week 15 – What is Laser Cutting?

14 Jan 2014, Posted by Cyberpac in CyberFAQ

Laser cutting is an advanced technology that uses a laser to cut through a wide range of materials. Laser cutting leaves a high quality finish and is used to cut flat sheet material. Advantages: Laser cutting jobs are quick to set up, so small production…

Week 14 – What is Harmless Compost?

10 Jan 2014, Posted by Cyberpac in CyberFAQ

Harmless Compost is a starch based packaging solution for bags and magazine flow wrapping. Can be printed on using biodegradable inks and will completely breakdown into naturally occurring substances at the end of their usual life. Advantages: Can be printed full colour process. Sustainable &…

Harmless Dissolve Award

03 Jan 2014, Posted by Cyberpac in News

Cyberpac’s Harmless Dissolve products have been showcased at the Inside Packaging awards magazine. Follow the link to find out more about how Harmless Packaging can benefit you. [Link:]

Week 13 – What is Harmless Dissolve?

19 Dec 2013, Posted by Cyberpac in CyberFAQ

Harmless Dissolve is a water soluble, biodegradable and compostable polymer. Advantages: Full colour print Naturally anti-static, so can hold electronic products 3x Stronger than polythene Biodegrades in water Disadvantages: More expensive than standard packaging High minimum order quantity Considerations: Does the same job as poly…

Week 12 – What is Corrugated Material?

10 Dec 2013, Posted by Cyberpac in CyberFAQ

The structural features of corrugate make it an ideal packaging solution. Corrugated material comprise of rows of air columns, these air columns act as a cushion for the packaged item. The fluting provides strength and rigidity to the finished pack. Advantages: A number of different…

Case Study: Jam Gou Dou

06 Dec 2013, Posted by Cyberpac in Products

At Cyberpac we love solving problems; and none more so than those that involve doughnuts… Having started as a local company producing gourmet doughnuts, Jam Gou Dou were looking to reach out nationally through the internet, but could not find any suitable packaging. Delivering doughnuts…