We’re delighted to have been asked to produce these slick new boxes to house the new Adidas / Man United campaign, #BreakExpectations, for creative agency Colt.

A beautifully tactile, silky smooth oversized A3 slipcase with a Fedrigoni Ispira black wrap and white foil Adidas logo, date and metallic red trident to the outer. An Ispira black box and tray the inside, with gloss black foil to inner and outer, then layered Ispira 360gsm die cut card to create an inner cover and added depth before the final reveal to the shirt housed in a dense foam insert.

A superb example of Cyberpac’s realisation of a premium design concept, from inception through to delivery, adding value and integrity to the finished piece through materials selection, strict production tolerances and quality control.

Thanks to Colt for the lovely design work and creative partnership on this project.
http://www.thisiscolt.com/case-studies/adidas/; #thisiscolt

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